fimmtudagur, ágúst 21, 2003

hæ aftur... ég var að tala við mömmu í símann og hún ætlar að fá bróður sinn til að sýna henni þessa síðu þannig að ég er að hugsa um að hafa eitthvað á ensku til að þau geti skilið eitthvað:)

Hello Erik and Stella:)
All this is in Icelandic (not this obviously though) but when I have time I might have another one that is in English… I have absolutely no idea what to write but I thought it would be a good idea to have something on the page that you would understand… apart from the pictures… then you might come back again sometime later? ... errrr.... to look at pictures:) usually there are more than right now:)

Any more helicopters dropping men in your vicinity?

BTW you can sign the Guestbook on the right where it says "Skrifaðu" and you can post a comment below here where it says in orange letters "Segðu eitthvað" - if you want to:)

take care of yourselves and my mother:)

May The Force Be With You:)

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